Based on the Falmouth Quay Punt and Falmouth Oyster Dredgers.
Offered as a kit in 10 different completion stages.
Hull molded by Cygnus Marine (UK)
Standard sails: main, jib, stay and topsail.
LOD: 8.84m / 29 ft.
Thanks to Tamarisk 29 owner Rob Darcy for providing information and a photo.

LOD: 24ft / 7.315m
SA =
Main – 155 sqft / 14.4 sqm
Jib – 50 sqft / 4.65 sqm
Staysail – 60 sqft / 5.57 sqm
Topsail – 40 sqft / 3.72 sqm

Originally built with marine ply by Westerly Boats (UK) which became Cornish Crabber.
Early boats had Sole engines but Yanmars were most often used. 8-18 hp

AKA simply “Privateer.”
Also available with a Bermudan Cutter rig (pictured above).
Sail area for the Bermudan Cutter: 158 sq ft. / 14.7 sqm.
An earlier version of the Privateer was offered beginning around 1971. It is not clear if any were actually built though..
Specs for the earlier version as follows:
LOA: 19 ft
Beam: 8 ft
Draft: 1.42 ft – 3.08 ft
Sail area: 121 sq ft
Reported to have a 10 hp Brit “Sprite” inboard
Thanks to Oliver Shaw, owner of a Privateer 20 gaff cutter, for supplying information and documentation.

A bermudian/marconi cutter rig version is also available with slightly less sail area.
Thanks to Forum user ‘Adelie’ for providing information on this yacht.