Designed by Mark Fitzgerald, associate of Chuck Paine.
Available with cabin (shown above) or open deck models.

Also available in wood/epoxy.
Displacement above is lightship. Max load (person + gear + outboard) displacement: 495 kg / 1,091 lbs
The “Classic” is an upgraded version of the 17.5. Same hull. Upgrade includes a fully- battened mainsail with an innovative upwardly-curved rigid headboard instead of a gaff yard. Larger furling headsail and inboard rudder.
Sail area:
– Main: 110 ft² / 10.23 m²
– Jib: 50 ft² / 4.65 m²

The following is a brief history of Friendship Sloops by Betty Roberts, found on the Friendship Sloop Society website (
A beautiful gaff-rigged sloop developed around 1880 from the fishing and lobstering needs of the men of Muscongus Bay on the Maine coast. The original builders constructed sloops varying in length of 21′ – 50′. Probably the average length would be about 30′ – 40′. They all had an elliptical stern, and most of them a clipper bow, and were gaffed rigged.
The pre-set formula included such measurements as: the beam equaled one third the overall length, and the length of the mast should equal the length overall plus half the draft, etc.
In 1903 there were 22 sloops being built on the shores of Bremen Long Island alone.
Builders include: Carters, McLains, Collomores, Winchenbachs, Morses and others but Wilbur Morse’s name comes up as father of the Friendship Sloop due to the large number that came from his shop.
Wilbur’s mass production and his shop being located in Friendship, this great sloop acquired the name of the town he was building in.

The above Friendship 30 was one of the first Friendship Sloops made from fiberglass.
LOD: 30.5 ft
Engine options:
Volvo Penta MD2, 15.5 hp diesel
Osco 21, 21 hp diesel
Reported sail area above includes main, staysail and jib. Add main topsail and jib topsail. SA becomes 860 sqft.

LOD: 6.4 m / 21 ft
The first two were plywood construction.
#1 built by Colin Henwood, Henwood and Dean Boatbuilders.
#2 built by Dick Phillips, Willow Bay Boats.
Demon began building the GRP version in 2015.

Total built = as of 2021.

Developed from the 17/19 class. This was a restricted class which allowed for development of the hull shape within the constraints of LOD, LWL and sail area. Specs varied from boat to boat.
Designers included Alfred Mylne (this was Mylne’s first design) and William Fife.
Builders included McGruers, W. Fife & Son, MacAllister and Peter R McLean

Length including bow sprit: 7.7m / 25.25ft.
Optional 5-7hp inboard diesel

Also available with cutter rig:
LOA with bowsprit – 9.50m / 31.17 ft
SA with main and small jib – 32.8 sqm / 353 sqft
Genoa – 22 sqm / 236.8 sqft

Above displacement and ballast are for boats built to Cat C specs. Boats built to Cat B have:
Displacement: 2600 kg / 5732 lbs
Ballast: 800 kg / 1764 lbs

Cutter rig is only built to Cat B
Disp: 2650 kg / 5842 lbs
Ballast: 800 kg / 1764 lbs

See also the Haber 800 C4 which is the 800 Cutter with a self steering system.

Hull length: 6.6m / 21.65 ft.

Also available with cutter rig:
LOA with bowsprit – 7.70m / 25.25 ft
SA with small jib – 18.4 sqm / 198 sqft
Genoa – 12 sqm / 129.17 sqft

Above displacement and ballast are for boats built to Cat C specs. Boats built to Cat B have:
Displacement: 1700 kg / 3748 lbs
Ballast: 700 kg / 1543 lbs

Outboard option available.