Originally called the BUBBLE. John Baker who first built them of GRP initially renamed the boat GLASS BUBBLE. The name OTTER was finally adopted; coming from the river of the same name, close by, in East Devon.
The original design consisted of a single skin glass fibre hull and a Gunter rig (without spinnaker). Later models were rigged as Bermudian sloops (with optional spinnaker), and a double skinned hull with integrated buoyancy tanks. Hull weight and sail area vary depending on the version.
Spinnaker: 70 sq. ft.

One of the earliest ‘bilge keel’ designs, and predesessor to the first in the Westerly line, (WESTERLY 22). The designer was the founder of Beacons Boat Co., and later, Westerly Marine Construction Ltd..

The original, first built in 1956, was intended for amature construction of plywood and proved difficult and expensive to built in FG. A second version proved less than popular, partly because of it’s lack of a solid fore deck.
A third version was significantly redesigned.

In 1981 the SUPER SKUNK was introduced with a standard sloop rig and more sail area (88 sq. ft.).
Thanks to ‘schlepper’ for supplying this photo.

The LYSANDER trailer-sailer was designed specifically for home construction by the amateur using marine ply panels laid on frames. The standard boat is 17′(5.18m) long though many ‘stretched’ 19′ (5.8m) versions have been built. The original design was gunter rigged to facilitate trailing but over the years Bermudan, cutter, gaff and even junk rig variants have been used. Some later boats were built of fiberglass (by Febris Marine UK). Plans for the home builder are still available through the class association.

Some versions have a daggerboard instead of a centerboard.
Thanks to CP 14 owner Rick M. for providing corrected information.

The first Westerly and derived from the earlier plywood WEST COASTER 20. Also available with a ‘Bermudan’ sloop rig as pictured here. A Volvo Penta M1 inboard was available as an option.