Sunfish hull designed by Alexander Bryan and Cortland Heyniger with new deck and cockpit designed by Chris McLellan and Terry Steller.

Photo is a screenshot from 1971 Ray Greene catalog.

Ray Greene’s version of the Sunfish.

Originally called the Sea Witch.
Also available with a sloop rig. Called the Sunchaser II
Main: 80 sqft
Jib: 20 sqft

The Sandpiper 80 (SA = 80 sqft) is the same hull with a Marconi cat rig.
Also referred to as the Super Snark 2.

The Flite 12 appears to be a Minifish clone also built by AMF. We do not fully understand the relationship between the two.
Thanks to Lynn Ogden for sending a Flite 12 brochure.

The SAILFISH is the first boat built by Alcort Inc. Plywood construction, wood spars, and available as a kit.
In the beginning they were built in an unheated shed. After an article appeared in ‘Life’ magazine, they couldn’t keep up with orders and had to build a new factory.
The SUPER SAILFISH (1948?), also of wood, was slightly larger.
The SUPER SAILFISH MKII, (1949-1975) was the first fiberglass boat from Alcort.

Drawing from Sears Catalogue.
Details and dimensions varied from year to year on all Sears models so what is displayed here can only be considered a general representation.
The hull is actually of the scow type with a single daggerboard.