Design #193

Built for the US Naval Academy by Luders Marine Construction. (AKA NAVAL ACADEMY YAWL/NA 44) Originally of wood planked construction (1939). Replaced with a fiberglass version (by Uniflite) in 1963 with a slightly different hull/rig design and different interior layout. (4 went to the US Coast Guard)
A few of the FG version were sold to individuals as sloops/cutters. (See ANNAPOLIS 44). Naval Academy boats were passed on to the US Coast Guard Academy for a few years before being sold off to individuals.
(Replaced in 1985 with the NAVY 44/DEFIANCE CLASS by McGurdy & Rhodes and again, in 2000, with a Dave Pedrick designed 44 footer.)
The layout shown here is for the original wood version.
Thanks to Mainbrace 76, and several others for providing additional background information.
Specs above are for the fiberglass version
See LUDERS 44 for specs on the wood (1939) version.

Shallow draft: 4.25’/
Based on SCAMPI 30.

At least 4 were built to this design.
Appeared in ‘Yachting’ Dec., 1955.

William Garden Design #593.
Designed originally for ‘Rudder’ magazine’s “How to Build” series. It is also shown in Mr. Garden’s book “Yacht Designs revised and expanded.”
She is meant to be an updated version of the famous SEABIRD design of 1911. (Also originally published in ‘Rudder’ more than fifty years earlier.)
The construction is specified as timber frame and plywood.

This is the first version of a design that became the HUGHES 48/NORTHSTAR 48. (S&S #1956)
It was introduced at the NY Boat Show in 1969. Named Queen of the show it was one of the largest sailboats ever displayed there.
It is thought that less than 5 were built at the Seafarer plant on Long Island (USA).
Today a large mosaic of the boat exists at an office complex located at the site (Long Island, NY) where the Seafarer plant once stood.
See HUGHES 48.

S&S #1618.1

Nearly the same as the earlier BLACK WATCH 37, but with all glass coach roof instead of wood, for easier maintenance.
Available also as a keel-centerboarder
(Draft: BD:9.33’/2.84m BU: 3.83’/1.17m)
Sloop or yawl.
The HOOD 37, built by Little Harbor Yachts, is said to be based on the same design.
Not to be confused with the S&S designed, TARTAN 37-2, introduced in 1976.
See BLACK WATCH 37 for more details.

A keel/cb version was also offered.
Draft: BU: 2.5’/ BD: 5.5′.
Available as sloop or yawl.