S&S design #1054. Included here because the original ‘Finisterre’ has a racing record unequaled to this day for an individual boat (under the ownership of Carlton Mitchell), but also because it set the standard for the beamy centerboard type popularized during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, at the peak of CCA rule in America. Designers such as William Tripp Jr., Charles Morgan and others certainly owed much to this particular boat.
It is thought that at least 3 boats built to this design still survive. (2007)

This boat was drawn by William Shaw while he was working in the S&S office. It is the predecessor to the DOLPHIN 24. First boats were built of wood in Denmark. The first boat, ‘Trina’, was extremely successful as a racer. A few later hulls were turned out in fiberglass by an unknown builder. Some boats were dilivered as sloops.
(Most of this information comes from the excellent Dolphin 24 website. (www.dolphin.org)

A tandem/mizzen centerboard was an option.(Centerboard details not shown in the drawing).
A later, stretched version was the US 46, AKA GRAMPIAN 46.

Also available with a sloop rig. More than likely another version of the SEAFARER 45.
The literature offered this yacht in various stages of construction.

With the exception of the unique feature of tandem centerboards,(offered as an option) the GRAMPIAN 46 seems to be nearly the same design as the US 46.
Both of these yachts are probably from the same tooling used to build the earlier US 41.

Length over spars: 32.5 ft / 9.9m