Beta Marine

Beta Marine

Sailboat Specifications

Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg
Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 19.55 ft / 5.96 m
LWL: 15.65 ft / 4.77 m
S.A. (reported): 173.30 ft² / 16.10 m²
Beam: 6.92 ft / 2.11 m
Displacement: 1,874.00 lb / 850 kg
Ballast: 529.00 lb / 240 kg
Max Draft: 2.95 ft / 0.90 m
Construction: Wood or FG
First Built: 1962
Last Built: 1980
# Built: 1500
Builder: Marina-Werft (GER)
Designer: Günther Thomat

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Sailboat Calculations

S.A. / Displ.: 18.28
Bal. / Displ.: 28.23
Disp: / Len: 218.26
Comfort Ratio: 13.08
Capsize Screening Formula: 2.25
Hull Speed: 5.30 kn
Pounds/Inch Immersion: 386.96 pounds/inch

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Rig and Sail Particulars

Mast Height from DWL: 22.47 ft / 6.85 m

Sailboat Links

Builders: Marina-Werft GmbH & Co. KG
Download Boat Record:


In the late 1960s and 1970s the Carina was a very successful model and one of the most popular pocket cruisers in Germany. First built in plywood with a hard chine, beginning in 1966 the boats were built using FG and offered with either a hard chine or rounded frame. In 1968, hulls were only built with a round-frame with keel, twin keel or keel-centreboard. In the 1970s also built with forecastle deck.

1) First reported in sailing magazine "Yacht“ 1962
LOA 5,70 m, beam 2,06 m, draft 0,60 m
Only built as hard chine frame in plywood.

2) Report in "Yacht," 3/1966
At this point, hulls were only built in FG.
Available as hard chine frame with twin keel or round frame with fin keel.

3) 1968 Carina (also named "Carina R", most built model)
From this point, hulls were only round frame ("R“ = round frame).

Draft: twin keel - 0.55m/1.8 ft; Keel/centerboard - 0.47m/1.54 ft

Thanks to "Christopher" for providing information, test reports and brochures.