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Sailboat Specifications

Hull Type: Twin Keel
Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 18.75 ft / 5.72 m
S.A. (reported): 180.00 ft² / 16.72 m²
Beam: 6.37 ft / 1.94 m
Displacement: 1,859.00 lb / 843 kg
Max Draft: 2.00 ft / 0.61 m
Construction: GRP
First Built: 1974
# Built: 10
Builder: Norman Cruisers (UK)

Sailboat Calculations

S.A. / Displ.: 19.09
Capsize Screening Formula: 2.07

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Norman Cruisers was, at one time, a leading powerboat manufacturer in the UK. They were in business between 1959 - 1982 when a fire destroyed most of their moulds. The S19 was their only sailboat and only about 10 were built in the mid to late 1970’s (exact dates TBD).

An 8 hp WaterMota engine was optional.