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BELLIURE was founded on 1953 by Vicente Belliure in Calpe, (Alicante), Spain. Its main activity was the construction and repair of wood fishing boats In 1974 a division for contruction new pleasure boats using newly introduced materials; Polyester reinforced with Vidrio Fiber (PRFV). More than 170 boats in PRFV, including models of 30, 35, 40, 41 and 50 feet of length, all designed by Peter Ibold and with the collaboration of D. Vicente Belliure. Later BELLIURE updated their facilities with the most modern equipment and machinery employing sophisticated newer techniques to work polyester resins and Epoxy, Kevlar, Carbon and materials of Sandwich in the laminate processes. Beginning anywhere in the world to produce since then the 63 on 86 feet, being constructed with the last technology material and these last greater helmet candle Yachts during that time. These new models were designed by the prestigious naval engineer Ron Holland. BELLIURE always has been in the vanguard with the most modern methods of naval construction, as much in technical knowledge as in new materials having ample experience in the use of sandwich materials, foams, fibers Kevlar type, Carbon fibers and resins of epoxy. At the moment BELLIURE has surpassed all the difficulties found during their long existence and experience in the field of the naval construction and counts on facilities in Calpe, in Altea, Ships of laminate in Calpe, and a project for the construction of new facilities for the manufacture of complete units located in the neighboring population, in the Fishing Port of Calpe, the Sport Port Luis Campomanes de Altea, all the facilities in Alicante. In addition to the construction of new sail boats of 30 on 50 feet, BELLIURE 48 and BELLIURE 40 are constructed already to the well-known motor yachts.

Years in Business: 1953 - present

Sailboats Built By Belliure Yachts

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BELLIURE 2.5 41.16 ft / 12.55 m 1985
BELLIURE 30 30.51 ft / 9.30 m 1981
BELLIURE 40 40.00 ft / 12.19 m 1983
BELLIURE 41 (IBOLD) 41.01 ft / 12.50 m 1984
BELLIURE 50 50.03 ft / 15.25 m 1976
BELLIURE 63 62.89 ft / 19.17 m 1985
ENDURANCE 35 (BELLIURE) 35.27 ft / 10.75 m 1975