Blanchard Boat Co. (USA)

1923 - 1969

Founded by Norman J. Blanchard Sr.on the northeast side of Lake Union. It went on to become one of the best-known and respected boat shops in the northwest. In 1932, Blanchard and Ben Seaborn designed the BLANCHARD SENIOR KNOCKABOUT, a small cabin sloop, in response to comments made by local boaters about how the International Star design had no cabin. The BLANCHARD SENIOR was a cabin daysailer with the rig of a Star.

The BLANCHARD JUNIOR followed, a 20’ open sloop. The hull was scaled down version of the Senior.

Sailboats Built By Blanchard Boat Co. (USA)

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
BLANCHARD KNOCKABOUT JR. 20.00 ft / 6.10 m 1934
BLANCHARD KNOCKABOUT SR. 26.00 ft / 7.92 m 1935
GEARY 18 18.16 ft / 5.54 m 1928
STAR (INTERNATIONAL) 22.70 ft / 6.92 m 1911
SWIFTSURE 40 (SEABORN) 40.00 ft / 12.19 m 1947