Catalina Yachts

Founded by Frank Butler.
In sheer numbers sold, Catalina Yachts is certainly the most successful builder of sailboats ever in the US, and possibly the world.
Time line extract from the company's website:

July 1969-Catalina’s first model, the Catalina 22, is built in North Hollywood, CA. Company owner Frank Butler hopes to build 100 boats if all goes well.
March 1970-Catalina’s second model, the Catalina 27, is introduced following the success of the Catalina 22.
December 1974-Catalina’s third model, the Catalina 30, is introduced; the trend-setting design is an immediate sales success and wins its class in the Newport to Ensenada Race.
February 1975-The Catalina 22 exceeds Frank Butler’s hopes to build 100 boats when hull number 5,000 is completed.
August 1979-The “International Friendship Regatta” is held in Japan; 4 U.S. and 10 Japanese crews compete in Coronado 15s.
February 1980-SAIL Magazine names the Catalina 22 “trailerable boat of the decade.”
March 1980-The Catalina 38 is selected as the match-racing boat for Congressional Cup by the Long Beach Yacht Club; Dennis Durgan wins.
September 1980-Catalina 22 hull number 10,000 is completed. C22s are being built at Catalina’s East and West Coast plants in England, Australia, and Canada.
January 1982-Patrick Childress completes a 2 1/2 year, singlehanded circumnavigation in his Catalina 27.
July 1982-The first Catalina 36 is completed at the Woodland Hills, Ca., plant.
March 1983-Mainsheet Magazine issue no. 1 is published, quickly growing to over 100 pages and 10,000 Catalina owner subscribers.
May 1984-Catalina acquires Morgan Yachts in Largo, Fl., which becomes the Morgan Division of Catalina, specializing in cruising and charter boats and building many Catalina models on the East Coast.
May 1985-Catalina 27 hull number 6,000 is built in Woodland Hills, making the C-27 the largest class of keelboats in the world.
October 1987-Catalina 30 hull number 5,000 is completed. Catalina 30s are being built at the East and West Coast plants, as well as in Canada and England.
November 1987-Singlehanded sailor Shane St. Clair sails his Capri 18 from Oxnard, Ca., to Hawaii in 28 days.
July 1988-Billy Peterson supervises the installation of the largest (70 ft.)Computerized sail-plotting and cutting machine in the U.S. at the Woodland Hills, California plant.
August 1988-Coronado 15 skipper Alison Jolly becomes the first woman to skipper in the Olympics; she wins a gold medal in the women’s 470 Class.
January 1989-The first Catalina 42 is built. 100 hulls are delivered in the first year, breaking U.S. production records.
February 1990-Catalina 22 hull number 15,000 is delivered.
March 1990-The Catalina 37 is selected for the Congressional Cup, the first time a fleet of 11 has been designed and built especially for the Congressional Cup. Chris Dickson wins.
September 1990-Catalina 30 hull number 6,000 is completed, setting a new keel-boat production record.
July 1991-The first Catalina 28 is built.
August 1991-Catalina’s Morgan Division completes Procyon, a 65-foot test boat for new concepts in yacht design and construction for Olaf Harken and Procyon Inc.
November 1992-Catalina’s Morgan Division introduces the Morgan 38, the first all-new Morgan model in a decade.
December 1992-The Catalina 270 is unveiled, replacing the C-27 and wins one of Cruising World Magazine’s “Boat of the Year” awards.
February 1993-The Catalina 320 is introduced at the first “Sail Expo” and is enthusiastically received by new owners.
February 1994-The Catalina 400 is introduced at “Sail Expo,” the only twin-wheel boat built in the U.S.; it’s the hit of the show.
February 1994-The Capri 16.5 introduced at “Sail Expo,” a beach launchable performance sailing dinghy for sailors with a wide range of ages and skills
May 1994-The Catalina 250 is introduced as the first water ballast trailerable sailboat from Catalina.
January 1995-Frank Butler receives SAIL’S Industry Award for Leadership for “building boats that are “straightforward, offer price for value, are solid and honest”...“With a product analogous to the Ford in the car business, Catalina Yachts has allowed vast numbers of people to experience sailing, considering both the skill level and financial wherewithal of potential sailors, that might not have been able to otherwise, thus radically changing the sport of sailing over the past 25 years.”
January 1995-The Catalina 22 markII is introduced with re-designed and enlarged deck and new interior.
February 1995-The Catalina 22 is named as one of five charter members to Sailboat Hall of Fame.
March 1995-The Catalina 36 mark II wins one of Cruising World Magazine’s “Boat of the Year” awards.
April 1995-Catalina 250 Hull number 100 is built in Woodland Hills.
May 1995-Catalina 42 hull number 500 is built in Woodland Hills.
February 1996-The Catalina 34 markII is introduced with re-designed and enlarged deck, transom and interior.
March 1996-The Catalina 28 mark II wins one of Cruising World Magazine’s “Boat of the Year” awards.
April 1996-The Catalina 380 is introduced as reflection of the priorities expressed by experienced sailing couples and families.
November 1996-Catalina 400 Hull number 100 is built in Largo, Florida
January 1997-The Catalina 380 wins one of Cruising World Magazine’s Mid-Size Cruising“Boat of the Year” award.
January 1998-The Catalina 470 is introduced January 1999- Catalina inaugurates the Catalina Cruisers Hall of Fame to honor the Catalina owners’ who have made notable voyages aboard their boats.
February 1999-The Catalina 310 is introduced and wins Cruising World Magazine’s Pocket Cruiser “Boat of the Year” award.
February 2000-The Catalina 310 is selected by Sail Magazine and it’s readers as one of the Top 10 sailboats for 2000 December 2000 -Catalina 36 Hull number 2000 is built in Woodland Hills, CA.
September 2001-The Catalina Capri 22 is updated and is selected by Sail Magazine and it’s readers as one of the Top 10 sailboats for 2001.
May 2001 -Catalina 14.2 Hull number 5000 is built in Woodland Hills, CA
January 2002-The Catalina 350 is introduced to enthusiastic reviews and results in 100 boats sold the first model year.
July 2002-The Catalina Expo 12.5 and 14.2 are introduced as particularly easy to sail for both younger and older sailors.
September 2002 -Catalina Capri 22 Hull number 1000 is built in Woodland Hills, CA
January 2003 The Catalina 387 is introduced
March 2004 The Catalina 320 Hull number 1000 is built in Woodland Hills, CA
May 2004 The Catalina 18mkII is introduced with new deck, cabin house, and cockpit.
June 2004 The Catalina 22 Sport is introduced to better accomodate one-design racing.
October 2004 The Catalina Morgan 440 Deck Salon is introduced.
January 2005 The Catalina Morgan 440 wins one of Cruising World Magazine´s "Boat of the Year" awards for "Best Production Cruiser 40´ to 45´.
August 2005 The Largo, Florida, plant expands with 3 new building adding an additional 56,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
October 2005 The Catalina 309 is introduced at the St. Petersburg Boat Show
January 2006 Catalina´s technical brochure, "The Art and Science of Building America´s Favorite Sailboats" is released.
October 2006 The Catalina 320mkII is introduced.
January 2007 The Catalina 309 wins Cruising World magazine´s "Domestic Boat of the Year" award as well as "Best Small Cruiser" award.
June 2007 The Catalina 350mkII is introduced.
June 2007 The Catalina 250mkII is introduced.
November 2007 Catalina 42 hull number 1,000 is built.
January 2008 Catalina 375 is introduced.
January 2009 The Catalina 375 is awarded "Best All Purpose Cruiser 30-40 ft."
April 2009 Catalina 445 is introduced.
July 2009 Catalina celebrates its 40th year.
December 2010 The Catalina 445 wins Cruising World Magazine´s "Boat of the Year Award", "Best Full Size Cruiser" and SAIL Magazine´s "Best Cruising Monohull Under 50 ft."
October 2010 Catalina 355 is introduced at the United Staes Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD.
January 2011 Catalina 355 wins Cruising World's "Domestic Boat of the Year" award.
October 2011 Catalina 385 is introduced at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD.
January 2012 The Catalina 385 is named SAIL Magazine's "Best New Boat".
October 2012 The Catalina 315 is introduced at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD.
January 2013 The Catalina 315 wins Cruising World's "Boat of the Year" as Best In-Shore Cruiser and SAIL Magazine's "Best New Boat Award".
October 2013 The Catalina 275 Sport is introduced at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD.
January 2014 The Catalina 275 Sport wins Cruising World's "Best Pocket Cruiser" and Sailing Worlds "Best Recreational Racer", the first time the same boat has won both awards in 33 years.
January 2014 Catalina 355 #100 is delivered to Sail Place, Inc. for Strictly Sail Chicago show.
May 2014 Catalina 445 #100 is delivered to Little Yacht Sales in Texas.
October 2016 The much anticipated Catalina 425 makes a world debut at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD.
January 2017  The Catalina 425 wins Cruising World's "Boat of the Year" and SAIL Magazine's "Best Boat" awards.

Catalina manufacturers ID: CTY

Years in Business: 1969 - present

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CATALINA 390 38.67 ft / 11.79 m 2001
CATALINA 400 Mk II 41.50 ft / 12.65 m 2000
CATALINA 42 41.86 ft / 12.76 m 1989
CATALINA 42 MK II 41.86 ft / 12.76 m 1995
CATALINA 425 43.50 ft / 13.26 m 2016
CATALINA 445 44.42 ft / 13.54 m 2009
CATALINA 470 47.67 ft / 14.53 m 1998
CATALINA 545 56.17 ft / 17.12 m 2020
CATALINA MORGAN 440 45.92 ft / 14.00 m 2004
CORONADO 15 15.33 ft / 4.67 m 1968
EXPO 12.5 (CATALINA) 12.76 ft / 3.89 m 1997
EXPO 14.2 (CATALINA) 15.16 ft / 4.62 m 1997
INDEPENDENCE 20 20.50 ft / 6.25 m 1999
JOHNSON 18 18.00 ft / 5.49 m 1994
MORGAN 381 (CATALINA) 38.42 ft / 11.71 m 1999
MORGAN 44 (CATALINA) 44.00 ft / 13.41 m 1988
MORGAN 45 (CATALINA) 45.25 ft / 13.79 m 1991
MORGAN OUT ISLAND 41 CLASSIC 41.25 ft / 12.57 m 1986
OMEGA 14 13.75 ft / 4.19 m 1968
US SABOT 8.00 ft / 2.44 m 1939
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