Ericson Yachts (USA)

1964 - 1990

Ericson Yachts was founded by a number of former employees of Columbia Yachts.
With a few exceptions, the Ericson line was a collaboration with designer Bruce King.
Though many Ericson models sold extremely well, the company had a turbulent history financially from the beginning with numerous changes in ownership.
In 1968 the company became a subsidiary of Pacific American Industries and a new plant was built in Santa Ana , CA.
By 1990, the Ericson brand had been acquired by Pacific Seacraft, which continued to build some of the later models until 1999, when it was retired.

Original Address:
1931 Deere Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Sailboats Built By Ericson Yachts (USA)

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