Escape Sailboat Co.

1996 - 2009

Founded by Peter Johnstone with Tom Whidden, Gary Jobson and and some other well known names in the sailing industry. Builder of a line of small, inexpensive (roto molded contruction) sailboats, aimed, for the most part, toward beginning sailors, and/or resort rentals.
Originally located in Yarmouth, RI, USA.
No longer in business.

Sailboats Built By Escape Sailboat Co.

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
CAPTIVA (ESCAPE) 11.50 ft / 3.51 m 1999
MAMBO (ESCAPE) 11.50 ft / 3.51 m 2000
PLAY CAT (ESCAPE) 16.75 ft / 5.11 m 2007
RUMBA (ESCAPE) 12.75 ft / 3.89 m 2000
SOLSA (ESCAPE) 9.00 ft / 2.74 m 2000