Irwin Yachts

Boats from designer/builder Ted Irwin were offered under any number of Corporate names, since, the company found itself in bankruptcy any number of times. Despite this fact, it was one of the largest sailboat producers in the US. Irwin himself, had an interest in racing and a number of boats he built were sucessful in that realm.
Irwin also built many models specifically for the Caribean charter boat trade. The Irwin 42, 52, and 65 were among the most popular.
The best information on anything to do with the builder, designer, and the long list of boats built by the firm can be found at the excellent Irwin Yachts website listed above. Owners manuals for some of most popular models can be purchased on line.

Years in Business: 1966 - 1992

Sailboats Built By Irwin Yachts

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IRWIN 54 54.00 ft / 16.46 m 1988
IRWIN 65/68 64.83 ft / 19.76 m 1981
IRWIN AVANTI 42 42.50 ft / 12.95 m 1975
IRWIN MINI-TON 20.81 ft / 6.34 m 1978
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