Jonmeri Yachts

Founded by Jorma Nyman.
From company website:
JONMERI has a long reputation within sailing people around the world to be known as high quality, reliable and comfortable off-shore sailing yacht. The JONMERI boats are used for cruising and racing in coastal waters as well as for ocean passages by blue water sailors. JONMERI sailing yachts are built by the twenty-three-year old yard, which also builds well known sailing boats e.g. MAESTRO 35 and MAESTRO 38. The yard is located on the West Coast of Finland, only 20 km away from Nautor Swan and 2 km from Baltic Yacht. This is the area where most of the Finnish boat building industry is situated and the area with long tradition of boat building and craftsmanship. The yard builds JONMERI boats to meet exactly the specifications and quality established by the JONMERI designer and long time builder Jorma Nyman. The Finnish naval architect Karl-Johan Stråhlman was employed to redesign the rig, keel and rudder of 33 and 40. The new keel has now a lower centre of gravity reducing keel weight by 15 % still maintaining the same stability and gives less form resistance and an improved aspect ratio. A new elliptical rudder shape improves steering by minimising drag. These underwater changes keep the boats with today's design. The result is uncompromising, high quality, elegant and sea worthy, ocean-going yachts.

Years in Business: 0 - present

Sailboats Built By Jonmeri Yachts

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JONMERI 33 33.04 ft / 10.07 m 1979
JONMERI 40 39.69 ft / 12.10 m 1981
JONMERI 48 47.64 ft / 14.52 m 1988
JONMERI 482 47.64 ft / 14.52 m 1988
MAESTRO 35 35.27 ft / 10.75 m 1985
MAESTRO 38 38.06 ft / 11.60 m 1985