Kells Corp. (USA)

On one brochure, Raymond F. Kells is listed as president. Kells was national sales manager for Bristol Yachts before founding his own company. Other literature shows the company being based at 2 different locations. One in Rhode Island, and one in Delaware. (USA) Kells seems to have also been involved with the manufacturing of 'water slides'.
At a later date, Kells founded 'Adventureland' located at Naragansett RI.
The Rhode Island tourism bureau has published the following description: "A large sports and recreation facility for children and adults alike. There are a number of games and activities, including bumper cars, go carts, batting cages and bumper boats. Adventureland also has an 18-hole putt-putt golf course." Kells died in 2009, but Adventureland was still in business as of 2011.

Years in Business: 0 - 2009

Sailboats Built By Kells Corp. (USA)

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COASTER 23 (KELLS CORP.) 22.58 ft / 6.88 m 1971
KELLS 22 22.17 ft / 6.76 m 1971
KELLS 23 22.58 ft / 6.88 m 1971
KELLS 23 (COASTER 23) 22.58 ft / 6.88 m 1971
KELLS 26 25.58 ft / 7.80 m 1973
KELLS 28 28.00 ft / 8.53 m 1976