Martin Yachts Ltd. (CAN)

Founded by Don Martin. His design and boat building firm has been responsible for the design and construction of more than 600 composite craft up to 27 meters (88 feet).
Martin’s background in competitive sailing includes multiple North American Championship wins and participation in several Admirals Cup Regattas. In match racing he has been involved in two America ’s Cup efforts and has been a Congressional Cup competitor three times. His match racing includes winning the North American Intercollegiate Match Racing Championship.
As a measurer and handicapper, he has worked under many rules dating back to the CCA measurement rule that was used in North America until 1970. During the 1994 America ’s Cup, Martin was retained by the America ’s Cup Trustees Committee to conduct the investigation which resolved the “three boat” imbroglio involving the One Australia Team. He was also a member of the technical inspection committee for the 2007 America’s Cup.
Martin is an active ISAF International Judge; he has been a member of appeals committees for both Canada and North America . In the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games he was the team leader for the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Teams, as well as coach for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Years in Business: 0 - present

Sailboats Built By Martin Yachts Ltd. (CAN)

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GANBARE 35 35.40 ft / 10.79 m 1973
MARTIN 16 16.00 ft / 4.88 m 1995
MARTIN 242 24.17 ft / 7.37 m 1980
MARTIN 243 24.00 ft / 7.32 m 1998
MARTIN 32 32.75 ft / 9.98 m 1979
NELSON MAREK 36 35.61 ft / 10.85 m 1995