Palmer Scott & Co. Inc. (USA)

Founded by Palmer Scott (1898-1970). Originally located at Fair Haven, MA. Destroyed by fire in 1938? and re-located to New Bedford, MA.
A prominent builder of recreational boats for a number of years.
Scott began to make small fiberglass boats in the late 1940's. (Became Marscot Plastics). A hurricane destroyed most of the wooden boat building operation in 1954.
Scott became a major figure in the development of fiberglass boat construction, with associations with the leaders in the industry at the time such as George O'Day, Carl Beetle, and others.
Palmer Scott & Co merged with Beetle Boat Co to form American Boat building Corp.
The company was moved again to Fall River, MA in association with O'Day Corp.

Years in Business: 1935 - 1970

Sailboats Built By Palmer Scott & Co. Inc. (USA)

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HURRICANE 19 19.00 ft / 5.79 m 1945
OVER-NITER 31 31.33 ft / 9.55 m 1939
WEASEL 11.33 ft / 3.45 m 1930
WOOD-PUSSY 13.50 ft / 4.11 m 1943