Pan Oceanic Marine.

1980 - 1985

Founded by Robert Pancoe first located in Taiwan and builder of Oceanic line of heavy cruisers all designed by Ted Brewer. (Also known as PAN OCEANIC). The first boat was the OCEANIC 46, followed by the OCEANIC 43. In 1980, he moved his operation to the Philippines where he built the PAN OCEANIC 38. The tooling for the 46 was used by another yard, Mao Ta, in Taiwan to build a few more boats under a number of different names.
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Sailboats Built By Pan Oceanic Marine.

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
OCEANIC 38 37.83 ft / 11.53 m 1982
OCEANIC 43 42.92 ft / 13.08 m 1980
OCEANIC 46 (BREWER) 45.75 ft / 13.94 m 1980
PAN OCEANIC 38 37.83 ft / 11.53 m 1982