Trapper Yachts (UK)

Trapper Yachts was formed some time around 1970 when Anstey Yachts was acquired by Deacons Boatyard.
In 1973 the firm moved to a new, larger facility on the outskirts of Poole, formerly used by Kingfisher Yachts. Deacons Boatyard Ltd was then used as a sales base for the Trapper range.
Some time later the company began producing the TRAPPER 240, a centerboarder based on an ealier Edward Dubois design, and the TRAPPER 250 which was the fixed keel version.
The Bruce Kirby designed TRAPPER 300 was added in 1974.
In 1981 the Trapper 501 was introduced, which was a more luxurious version of the 500.
In late 1970's Trapper Yachts began production of the TRAPPER 700 which was similar to the C&C 35, but with a different coach roof design. It was available with both with a fixed keel and a keel centerboard.
The TRAPPER 31, (later named the TRAPPER 950) was was derived from a successful half ton racer by Rob Humphries.
Due to unfavorable economic conditions in the early 1980s, the manufacturing facility was closed down.
Subsequently the yachts were produced by North Shore Yachts of Elmsworth.

In 1984 Deacons was selling the TRAPPER 36 which was built in Italy. Only a few of these yachts were actually sold.

In 1987 the Trapper T250S was produced. It was a keel centerboarder and eliminated having the centerboard in the case case cabin. Few of these boats were actually sold. It was fitted with a 10hp Yanmar diesel engine.

In the same year there was the TRAPPER 42(aka SHOW 42), a new yacht, produced by Barbaris in Italy, but actually built in Malta. Only a few of these were sold.

No longer in business.

Years in Business: 1970 - 1983

Sailboats Built By Trapper Yachts (UK)

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TRAPPER 300 26.25 ft / 8.00 m 1976
TRAPPER 400 28.17 ft / 8.59 m 1970
TRAPPER 42 41.42 ft / 12.62 m 1983
TRAPPER 500/501 27.33 ft / 8.33 m 1977
TRAPPER 950 31.10 ft / 9.48 m 1980
TRAPPER T250 25.18 ft / 7.67 m 1980
TRAPPER T250S 25.18 ft / 7.67 m 1985
TRAPPER TS240 25.18 ft / 7.67 m 1980