Trintella Yachts

Founded by Anne Wever who, in colaboration with famed designer Van de Stadt built the very successful line of steel hulled cruisers, the Trintels. (I & II)

In 1961 they became the first yard in Europe to use the GRP construction methods. The resulting 8.5m yacht, another Van de Stadt design, was launched in 1964 and marked the birth of the Trintella name.
From the late-60s to the mid-70s, with the Trintella IIIa, IV and V, the yachts developed a centre cockpit design with a small rear poop deck reminiscent of old galleons, but in 1976 the Trintella 38 was launched, with a near-flush deck and more modern hull profile. Production continued in GRP and the range kept growing in size - right up to the Trintella 53 in 1980.

At the start of the 1980s, the decision was taken to change the emphasis of the Trintella line. After further design meetings with Van de Stadt, the lines of the first aluminium yacht - the 40A - were drawn, and in 1983 the yard entered the world of semi-custom building with this model. The design also heralded a shift in the styling of the Trintellas, featuring a stylish doghouse and giving the yachts a distinctive profile that has become the trademark of the modern Trintella range. Through the mid-1980s the yachts gradually got larger; in 1986 the 75A was the largest production yacht built. But 1988 saw the end of an era, as after nearly 36 years at the helm, Anne Wever decided it was time to retire. In 1994 Trintella once again took the lead at the forefront of boatbuilding technology with the construction of a composite Trintella-Holland 47. The 47 marked the start of a new partnership with the Ron Holland design office and the range has been updated to considerable acclaim from the yachting press.

In 2003 production was moved to Hamble, UK and Trintella Yachts became part of the Hamble Yacht Services Group.
In 1994 Trintella approached designer Ron Holland and began a collaboration which would shape the future of Trintella Yachts.

The new book: 'Trintella Yachts, Holland’s splendour from Brabant', depicts a wonderful image of the developments of a shipyard in ‘s Hertogenbosch. They have built sea worthy, luxurious sailing yachts since 1952, with a lot of passion and workmanship. Although the activities of the yard ceased in 2002, the brand name Trintella will live on while we maintain these durable yachts.

Years in Business: 1953 - present

Sailboats Built By Trintella Yachts

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TRINTELLA 29 28.92 ft / 8.81 m 1967
TRINTELLA 35 35.16 ft / 10.72 m 1978
TRINTELLA 38 37.89 ft / 11.55 m 1975
TRINTELLA 42 42.32 ft / 12.90 m 1981
TRINTELLA 44 43.96 ft / 13.40 m 1979
TRINTELLA 44A 44.24 ft / 13.48 m 1984
TRINTELLA 45 44.95 ft / 13.70 m 1983
TRINTELLA 47 47.25 ft / 14.40 m 1996
TRINTELLA 49A 49.21 ft / 15.00 m 1986
TRINTELLA 53 53.90 ft / 16.43 m 1982
TRINTELLA 57A 56.76 ft / 17.30 m 1987
TRINTELLA I 27.89 ft / 8.50 m 1963
TRINTELLA IA 29.20 ft / 8.90 m 1961
TRINTELLA IIA 32.81 ft / 10.00 m 1968
TRINTELLA IV 40.05 ft / 12.21 m 1975
TRINTELLA V 48.00 ft / 14.63 m 1974