Tyler Boat Co. Ltd. (UK)

Founded by Edward Tyler, originally an English house builder. By 1946, Tyler had begun using fiberglass molds in the production of concrete panels for prefabricated houses and also experimented with various other uses for the new material including the waterproofing of boat decks. Some time later he founded the Tyler Boat Company, which became one of best known builders of fiberglass yachts in the world for many years.
(Tyler's primary, and most profitable business was in the manufacture of pre-fabricated buildings for the housing of livestock.)
Besides it's own line, the company molded many hulls on contract to be finished by other yards around the world.

(This note from Jan Dirks:
"When at a point the production run of a particular model had ended, Tyler, who still had the molds, offered these to amateur builders. One could buy a SEACRACKER, OHLSON 38, REBEL 41, all the way up to the OCEAN 60, in various stages of completion." This is how Dirks built his own SEACRACKER.)

Years in Business: 1946 - 1980

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