US Yachts Inc.

US Yachts (not to be confused with the US Yachts that was a division of Bayliner) was an entity created by Bob Larsen and Warren Dellenbaugh, who were also associated with the formation of O’Day Yachts. The company never actually built any boats themselves although they sold a line using their name which were actually built by O'Day, Grampian Yachts of Canada, and others. US Yachts was ultimately purchased by O’Day (Manufacturing) Corp. just before the latter company went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Original Address:

U.S. Yachts Inc.
Village Square
Westport, CT USA

Years in Business: 1960 - 1964

Sailboats Built By US Yachts Inc.

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DOLPHIN 24 (S&S) 24.16 ft / 7.36 m 1959
US 41 41.92 ft / 12.78 m 1963
US 46 46.00 ft / 14.02 m 1968