Nils-Eric Olofsson

In 1974 Olofsson designed the Compis which were built by the Börjesson Brothers. Four years later he became involved with the Contrast 33, designed by Rolf Magnusson as well as the Scanmar 33. Olofsson had the boats built at the Börjesson Brothers wharf, and sold them through his distribution company Scanmar Boats in Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden. In 1984, he sold 50% of the company to the Börjesson Brothers, and in 1986 he sold them the remaining 50% of Scanmar Yachts, forming Yachts of Scandinavia.

After selling Scanmar Yachts, he designed and built the the Scanyacht line of sailboats at his factory in Saltjsö-Duvnäs.

Sailboats Designed By Nils-Eric Olofsson

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SCANNER 361 36.97 ft / 11.27 m 2001
SCANNER 391 39.11 ft / 11.92 m 1987
SCANNER 392 39.11 ft / 11.92 m 1995
SCANNER 399DS 39.11 ft / 11.92 m 1996