Aage Utzon

1885 - 1970

Renowned Danish designer was educated as a naval engineer in Newcastle and worked for a few years at the B&W Shipyard before he was offered the position of works engineer at Aalborg Shipyard.
After the arrival in Aalborg, Aage Utzon began constructing sharp-sterned vessels of wood in his spare time. This type of boat was very fast and seaworthy, so it soon became popular and made Aage Utzon a renowned boat designer.
Encouraged by his sons, he constructed a so-called "Aalborg Jolle" (Aalborg Boat) in 1929 that gained such popularity that it was chosen in 1940 as the official training boat for sea scouts in Denmark.
His son Jørn was an world renowned architect (designer of buildings), best known for his design of the Sydney Opera House.

Sailboats Designed By Aage Utzon

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GREAT DANE 28 28.00 ft / 8.53 m 1965
SAGITTA 30 30.02 ft / 9.15 m 1963
SCAN 22 21.65 ft / 6.60 m 1966