James Wharram

1928 - 2021

Producer of Polynesian catamaran designs for the home and professional builder.

Designed with partner Hanneke Boon.

From the designers web site:
James Wharram designed his first offshore cruising catamaran, the 23' 6" TANGAROA in 1953, before the word catamaran was yet in common use and began sailing with her off the coast of Britain with a two girl crew.

Since then, James Wharram, together with his designer- partner Hanneke Boon, has been designing, building and sailing offshore catamarans longer than any other multihull designer. In 1987 the "Multihulls Buyers Guide" showed that James Wharram had sold approximately three times more plans than any other multihull designer in the world.

One reason for this success is that James Wharram is a "hands-on" designer having, over a period of 38 years, built personally many of the prototype designs. These prototypes were built in the open, in barns, garages and all the range of building sites available to self-builders in a variety of climate types from northern European winters to tropical islands.

Because Wharram prefers sailing to building, over the years, his design for construction (which is separate from design for sailing) has - particularly with the use of epoxy - become even more simple.

James Wharram Designs, Greenbank Road, Devoran, Truro, Cornwall, TR3 6PJ, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1872 864792
Email: wharram@wharram.com

Sailboats Designed By James Wharram

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ARIKI 45.50 ft / 13.87 m 1970
HINEMOA 23.00 ft / 7.01 m 1965
MAUI 16.75 ft / 5.11 m 1965
NARAI MK I & II 40.00 ft / 12.19 m 1965
NARAI MK IV 41.00 ft / 12.50 m 1965
RAKA 36.00 ft / 10.97 m
TANENUI 28.25 ft / 8.61 m 1965
TANGAROA MK IV 35.50 ft / 10.82 m 1975
TEHINI 51.00 ft / 15.54 m 1968
TIKI 26 25.98 ft / 7.92 m 1984
TIKI 46 46.00 ft / 14.02 m 1984
TIKI 8M 26.25 ft / 8.00 m 2009