Alajuela Yacht Corp.

1972 - 1982

Founded by Mike Riding and located in Huntington Beach CA. Alajuela was the name of town in Costa Rica where Riding met his wife. The first boat was the ALEJUELA 38, based on a William Atkins design. It is said that it took Riding nearly 4 years to contruct the molds.
The company was later taken over by Betty and Don Chapman, who had originally built their own ALEJUELA 38 from a bare hull.
(no longer in business)

Sailboats Built By Alajuela Yacht Corp.

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
ALAJUELA 33 33.00 ft / 10.06 m 1977
ALAJUELA 38 46.00 ft / 14.02 m 1974
ALAJUELA 38 MKII 38.00 ft / 11.58 m 1977
ALAJUELA 48 53.75 ft / 16.38 m 1981