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at the end of 1979 Jac de Ridder designed the Kalik 30 in Holland, a splendid Half-Tone cruising / regatta length of 9.15m and with a beam of 3.20m.
The Kalik30, a performing boat, windlass and marine, was born as a synthesis of the best creative experiences of Jacques (Kalik 33, Etap, Spirit and others) but the high production costs, given the excellent quality of the materials, did not allow a series production and the project made it possible to build, through the Lewin and Van Der Sweppen shipyards, only 25 units, each with prestigious differences and customizations that found wealthy European owners as buyers.
In the following years the molds were sold to Kyung-II, a Hyundai division, which produced a few hundred units mainly destined for the Statutinense market.
With this post, as the owner of a Kalik 30, born with the name Loumiro II and now Maracuja, I am looking for other lucky Kalik owners in Italy or Europe.
Thanks to all who will help in researching the above.