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    Matt J.

    A boat we haven’t heard of, an error that you see, something left out? Please post here.

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    Joel Aronstein

    The ballast /displacement ratio for the Herreshoff H28 seems to be way off…

    Could the @ 10,000 lbs displacement be significantly lower in reality?

    Best regards


    Mark L Corson

    The data for the Beneteau 30.1 should be updated.

    • Minimum Draft: The boat is available with four keels. The “Lifting Keel” version has a minimum draft of 3’11″ or 0.95 meters
    • Ballast: All versions have cast iron keels
    • I: 36’3″ or 11.02 meters
    • J: 12’8″ or 3.87 meters
    • P: 35’6″ or 10.81 meters
    • E: 10’9″ or 3.27 meters
    • Engine HP: The base engine is 14 HP but all boats built for the USA are 21 HP. The 14 HP engine is “…strictly limited to sailing in inland waters only…”
    • Headroom: It varies from 6’1″ to 6’3’’ in the salon, galley, fwd cabin, aft cabin, head
    Mark L Corson

    The data for the Beneteau Oceanis 321 should be updated.

    • Ballast: Lead
    • I: 42’0″ or 12.80 meters
    • J: 12’4″ or 3.76 meters
    • P for “Classic Mast”: 35’11″ or 10.95 meters
    • P for ” Furling Mast”: 36’4″ or 11.04 meters
    • E: 13’7″ or 4.15 meters
    • Auxiliary Engine: Yanmar in the USA
    • Engine Model: 3GM30F in the USA
    • HP: 27 HP in the USA
    • Headroom: 6’3″ in salon
    Mark Lockie

    I have been using Sailboat data for several years and now have come across a vessel which is not shown
    the vessel is a Windrush 700
    this is built by the same yard as the Windrush 14 in Western Australia
    I am able to send some details if you are interested


    Hello, Sorry we missed your post. Please send any info you have on the Windrush 700. Best is to send it to: contact [at] SailboatData [dot] com

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