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    gregory zulauf

    Just purchased an old Albacore 15’ wood sailboat. (Excellent condition-garaged for 35 years) Originally imported from England. The boat came to me unfinished with all hardware and rigging in boxes. I am having difficulty finding precise measurements for setting up mast and where some of the rigging elements were attached, etc. I find data on fiberglass versions of this boat but not this model. The boat was manufactured by JD Young, Isle of Wight., GB around 1972. I do have the boat manual but not pictures that help me with precise setup the way the manufacturer intended.
    Any help in locating such data? THANKS!

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    Hi gzulauf3837. Have you tried checking out the Albacore class associations? The international Association (https://albacore.org) has links to groups in the US, Canada and the UK. Those, in turn, have forums, contact info and links to fleets. Perhaps you can find someone there who can help?

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