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    Each boat now has a link to the forum for the boat which is great – including one to create a new topic.

    But when I follow the link to the forum it says “You cannot add new topics” and there is no initial post to reply to.

    Also the Topic Tags to post this don’t include Feedback, Forum, Permissions etc


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    Hi Pewit35, we double checked and everything seems to be working. We changed your Topic title for this post a little so hopefully, when on the Weta page, it is not confusing.

    The only time you should see the “You cannot add new topics” message in the forum is if you are not logged in. But you had to be logged on to post this topic.

    All we can suggest at this point is to try posting again. From the Weta page, click on “New Topic +” and go from there.

    Let us know if you are still having problems.


    Hello sailors. I have a universal 25, 21 hp diesel in a catalina 30. Max RPM I get is 1800rpm. What max rpm should I expect? Any ideas why only 1800. Have drained separator, new fuel filter, new saltwater impeller, new fresh water filter.


    Not my area of expertise but you might have a clog (carbon build up?) in the exhaust system. I’ve seen diesel motors completely rejuvenated after an exhaust elbow replacement.

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