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    Robert Frederick

    Contemplating purchase of Catalina 30 demasted in a storm. Looking for specifications of mast/mast manufacturer/used mast that will work (e.g., will a Hunter 30 mast work?). TIA for any information. Located on Lake in Texas.

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    IMG 1724PaulK

    Try calling Catalina on Monday. They’ll know who made masts for them. RigRite is another source worth checking out. A rigger would be able to find the lengths of the two masts and tell you if a Hunter or other mast would work, though the height of the gooseneck might not work out.

    Mark Ayers

    there was a catalina 30 mast for sale on Craigslist in OKC just like last week…for 3 hundred something. but I just looked and don’t see it listed now.
    I have an extra Hobie 16 mast you can have for free.

    Lynn H. Ogden

    Look at the data sheet for your Catalina 30 yacht and record the measurements: I; P; J; E; SAF; SAM; SAT; Fore stay length.
    Search the Internet or read a book that teaches you what they are, what they mean, and how to use them.
    Compare them to the measurements of a yacht mast you may want to search for on recycling offers or present them to a mast maker.

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