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    Adrian Van Dorp

    Calling any Clansman owners who use this site, especially those who live in Australia. Make your self known.

    I’m a Clansman 30 owner. They are are a great, old school, plastic sailing yacht that if re-fitted accordingly, would bring you back from anywhere! So, I’m looking to get in touch with fellow Clansman owners through other means than having to join Facebook. Does anyone know how I can contact the Clansman Association of Australia?

    Thanks for the help and happy sailing :sailboat:

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    Hello Adrian, If I may… you might want to go to the Clansman 30 record page on our site (https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/clansman-30), scroll to the bottom and select the New Topic link. That way anyone who goes to that record page but not the forum, might see that a topic has been created. We can tell you that over the past 30 days, that page was displayed 218 times.

    We think it will increase your chances of connecting with other Clansman 30 owners.

    Just a thought.

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