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    Peter Roosenschoon

    Good day to all

    My name is Peter, I am new to terms and phrases of sailing but here to learn.

    I found a hunter europa 19 in a really bad condition, brought her body back but know i need to figure out her rigging.

    Anyone want to help by sending some pictures of the crucial equipment and fittings i would need,

    Have the boom, and mast but nothing else, and how to connect the boom to mast.

    Hope someone would be so kind



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    IMG 1724PaulK

    You’ve already looked here, of course?

    Photos of boats for sale will also show many details. Look up on Yachtworld or other sites. It may take some hunting to find exactly what you want to know, but it will also provide ideas about what other people have done with their boats.


    Hello Peter,
    Is there another Europa in your area? Try contacting a rigger or sailmaker. They may know. What about a Squib? Our information indicates the Europa is essentially a Squib with a cabin. The rigs may be similar although this is an assumption you should check out to confirm. The Squib class has a large association (https://www.squibs.co.uk) in the UK. You might find some help there.

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