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    Jeff Nelson

    Hi all,
    New here and mostly new to sailing. I acquired a Mirage 24 racing boat (1980 narrow keel – open back).

    Anybody with rigging guides would be really appreciated, or even anyone with the same boat would be incredible. Mine had a blown out Harkin Magicbox in the outhaul, so I am replacing this now. I hope to get her underway soon after I get the fix, and a bit a nerve. Seems incredibly fast just using the 2hp outboard.

    Any ideas, suggestions or helps would be appreciated !
    Steady winds to ya all,

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    Jeff Nelson

    Did I mention I have a lot of questions about flying the jib?

    Pictures to follow

    Jeff Nelson

    Here are the photos

    Would appreciate your ideas…

    IMG 1724PaulK

    Keeping the mast up is best way to start. Have you inspected everything? The rig turnbuckles are probably already close to where you want them. You will have to go sailing to find out what adjustments might be needed to keep it straight and in column. It looks like the backstay adjuster is quite powerful and that the mast is pretty bendy. Adjusting that will depend upon your sails and the wind strength.

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