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    Hey Guys,

    Very specific request here, but I’m looking for any info on a clothing line produced by Maxi Yachts (Swe) in the 1970’s, potentially 80’s. My partners family used to own a Maxi 909 that they loved and my partner recently discovered of photo of her grandma in a Maxi Yacht brand jumper / sweater. She wants a clear photo of the design to recreate the jumper as gifts for her family.

    It’s bright red, with an italic Maxi logo in the cente, a black square behind the ‘x’ to appear like a Swedish flag, two rings around this with stars filling the gaps and the phrases “When it comes to quality” and “Sailed by the foremost yachters”? (the photo cuts this phrase off). Below this are 4 flags.

    I can’t find any info online about this jumper or the merchandise line it may have come from. If any one happens to have any info about this or any photos of similar merchandise please shoot them my way, will take any help you can give. Thanks!

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