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    Looking for a more comfortable boat that’s a bit bigger than my 27’. Heard the Catalina 32 was slow so I was thinking of the Cat 34. Does the Catalina 32 with a wing keel go at least 7 knots? Is there a big difference in speed? My 27’ day sailer ac turn on a dime and is very responsive —how responsive is the Catalina 32 and/or 34? Thanks! Shana

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    Measured hull speed in a displacement hull is a function of LWL. The difference in the reported LWL of the 34 and 320 is ~10″. Theoretically, both can achieve 7 kts. Actual hull speed depends on a number of factors. Our suggestion is to search Catalina 3 on our website then compare the two models. Doing that should help answer your questions.

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    If you want something quicker, a J/boat would be the right answer. For quicker with comfort, perhaps a Beneteau 36.7

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