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    The page https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/manta-19 needs a few minor corrections, that might be important for people deciding width of harbour berths. I know this because I was passed over in 2019, when I had to decline on an offer of a too narrow berth, based on my harbour master’s reading of data on your or similar sites.

    The data should reflect the numbers on the Manta 19 owner site https://manta19.miwd.co.uk/page/manta-statistics.

    It is suspected that the builders for some reason slightly underdeclared the dimensions as your data matches sales prospects from the 70’ies. However, my Austrian-built Manta 19 #205 closely matches the Manta 19 owner site data.

    Fianlly, your builder info should read: Schöchl Yachtbau/Sunbeam Yachts (AUT) / Blakes Marine (UK)

    Best, Mogens Sørensen, Copenhagen

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    Hello Mogens, We went to the Manta website and found a builder’s brochure indicating the specs we had were slightly off (builder’s numbers are notoriously fickle). We’ve updated the Manta 19 record to show the specs from that brochure. We also added a link to that Manta 19 site. Lots of good information there!
    Thanks for reaching out.


    I just noticed that the number total of manta 19 produced is still listed as 720. Om the Manta website is stated that no. 1240 is probably the highest production number, as Blakes Marine continued production after it was ended at the Schoechl Warf in Attersee, Austria.


    Thanks for the info Morgens. We’ve updated the record.

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