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    Louis Heath

    Hi, the S.A./Disp figure for the NC40 is way out. It has been calculated using the Main, Genoa, Staysail and Mizzen instead of just the Genoa and Main. For a heavy ketch the figure of 19.32 is, I now realise, too good to be true. This sent me down a pathway of searching out an NC40 to purchase. Fortunately I realised in time the error of the false S.A./Disp figure and decided the boat was not for me.

    Perhaps you could adjust the figure for others who might be in the same situation.
    Thanks, Louis

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    David Harlock avatar 1681692420David Harlock

    I think this site provides excellent indicators but no-one’s perfect. Human error is unavoidable and incorrect draft and displacement numbers are inevitable. Yachting magazines are not great with some reviews I’ve read when pounds and kilograms and feet and metres figures defy logic. The data freely provided here is invariably accurate and is often at odds with the specifications produced (perhaps using the pin method) by brokers. I respectfully suggest that a lot more research should be undertaken before compiling a short-list or making appointments to view. This site is a great start, nearly always. Good luck with finding the perfect boat, hopefully close by.


    Please keep in mind, we have been building our database of 8,600 boats by hand, one boat at a time since 2003 so there can be typos and errors. Our first choice for specifications is information we find from the builder (and even that can vary year to year for the same model). We almost never use For Sale listings as they tend to vary too much.

    That said, we took another look at our Nauticat 40 record. We have revised the sail area to include the Main, Genoa and Mizzen sail. We also added the sail area of each individual sail, as well as the total SA including the Staysail (reported as a self-tacking jib), in the Notes section.

    Anyone interested can find the revised record here: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/nauticat-40

    Our apologies for any confusion. Hopefully this will help clarify the record.

    Louis Heath

    Thanks Bruce, no need to apologize. I am extremely grateful for this amazing resource. I can well appreciate how errors like that can slip by one’s attention. I’m relatively new to these design figures and that’s why I didn’t spot the error initially.
    In my search for a boat your site has made it such a pleasure to compare the different boats, it’s almost becoming a hobby :slight_smile:

    Incidentally, the NC43, the big sister of the 40 also seems to be calculated the same way, no doubt from the figures given.

    I couldn’t get the figures for the straight 44 but these are for the 441 which may be the same.
    Nauticat 441 Sails:
    SAILS (all sails are optional) Sail area
    Draft 1,85 m
    A = Ketch rigged without bowsprit 86,1 m²
    B = Ketch rigged with bowsprit 95,1 m²
    C = Ketch rigged with bowsprit and
    double (cutter) headsails 114,0 m²
    Main sail (A+B+C) 32,3 m²
    Mizzen (A+B+C) 13,4 m²
    Genoa I (B+C) 59,3 m²
    Genoa II (B+C) 49,4 m²
    Genoa II (A) 40,4 m²
    Jib, self-tacking © 18,9 m²
    Storm jib (A+B+C) 13,5 m²
    Spinnaker (A+B+C) 119,0 m²
    Cruising spinnaker (A+B+C) 123,0 m²

    With thanks and appreciation

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