This is the first time Mull 82 MAXI Sorcery has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

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    1. I own this fantastic Aluminum IOR MAXI Sorcery and it’s not listed in Gary Mulls Bio nor listed boats.

    I’m in possession of extensive information regarding the build even the CONTRACT with Jacob Wood for design services and much more

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    Please let me know what I can do to list her info


    Thanks for reaching out. Very cool shot of your boat. I’m glad I don’t have to pull that spinnaker down!

    Regarding listing your yacht, it’s our understanding that most, if not all, boats designed and built for IOR Maxi racing are one-off designs. Is that the case for Sorcery? Sailboatdata is a database of production or series built boats. We like to know at least three hulls were built from a design before we add the record.

    There are a couple of exceptions but those are for historically significant designs.

    If multiple hulls were built from Mull’s design, we’d be happy to add the record. Please just let us know.




    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for getting back to me!


    LOL … Yeah having 6-8 people pulling those 4500sq/ft kites down was definately entertaining.


    Question: Can we at least update Mulls BIO to credit G Mull,  the Maxi Sorcery???? 🙂

    Funny isnt it that Mulls largest design gets shunned in places which could illuminate due to the rule of 3.  But I digress 🙂  I was thinking it wasnt up due to lack of info. You’ve cleared that up. I’m very much a mull fan and Jim Antrim is my guy when I need help with anything. He’s local to me

    I do very much appreciate your site and see it referenced all the time, so I  now better understand what the purpose is regarding porduction boats.

    I’ll admit that It stings a bit to see such little info out there on, in IMO,  the best ever big boats. Before Sorcery I sailing everything from prams to snipes, lightnings, E-Scows and many different keelboats.    Cheers


    I’m happy to mention that Mull designed Sorcery in his bio.

    I’m guessing you know of this site but just in case, here’s a lot of information on Sorcery. Pics and articles…

    My first boat was a Snipe. I’ve tried Lightnings but, to be honest, wasn’t a big fan. Most of my racing was J/24’s. Then I aged into Sonars. I’m now trying my hand at Melges 15 racing. Funny, my boats are getting smaller as I get older.

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