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    I am planning to do a bottom job on my O’Day 23 sailboat and I don’t know how to figure the square feet required to be painted. Can anyone out there help me? Thank you in advance.

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    Gathered Information:

    LOA: 22.75 ft
    LWL: 19.50 ft
    Beam: 7.92 ft
    Maximum Draft: 5.33 ft
    Calculate Rectangular Portion Area:

    Area=19.50 ft×7.92 ft=154.44 square feetArea=19.50 ft×7.92 ft=154.44 square feet
    Calculate Keel Area:

    Area of keel=Max Draft×Width of keelArea of keel=Max Draft×Width of keel
    If we assume the keel is rectangular and 1.5 feet wide:
    Area of keel=5.33 ft×1.5 ft=7.995 square feetArea of keel=5.33 ft×1.5 ft=7.995 square feet
    Add Areas:

    Total area=154.44 square feet+7.995 square feet=162.435 square feetTotal area=154.44 square feet+7.995 square feet=162.435 square feet
    Finalize Calculation:

    Round up the total surface area to ensure you have enough paint.
    Rounded up, the total surface area is approximately 162.44 square feet.

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