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    So I have talked before about the boat that was given to me and my wife. Ya,it’s been a bit of a hassle but what is it that they always say,” It’s not destination but the journey” So I am still working on getting a mast for our boat. We were able to get it to the marina,had it taken off the trailer because the trailer will need some work and then we will have it place back on the trailer once the repairs are done. So now I have a new situation that has nothing to do with the boat but the little ole outboard that came with it. It’s a volvo 39 or 3.9, 2 stroke and was wondering if anybody knew were I could get the manual for this motor? She turns and has great compression but no spark. I tested the plug against some bare metal and got nothing. From there I have no idea what steps are needed to take. I am not sure if I want to take it to a shop because I am know they are going to charge way more then what it’s worth and by then I could get one that is used and runs. Any suggestions? Thanks…

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    It’s likely the points needing to be cleaned if it has them, a poor grounding wire, or the coil needs to be replaced.

    This is guessing that the flywheel magnets still attract a wrench?

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