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    Greg Pierson

    Looking for “Rub Rail”…
    I would like to see if anyone on this forum has information on a source for the rub rail used on a W.D.Schock, Gary Mull design “Santana 27” sailboat…It’s NOT Taco Marine…I know that the builders outsourced the rub rail to a local company there in the Southern California area…Any one got an idea of who? …Or who could make a suitable substitute?..

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    Hello jeeperzz8,
    We don’t know who Schock outsourced to. But we know of a company that might be able to help you. There is a company in Santa Ana called FinCo (http://www.fincofab.com). They started out making rudders but now also do boat restoration. Their specialty is fiberglass but they also have a full wood shop. We can not vouch for their service or quality because we’ve not used them ourselves.

    Greg Pierson

    Thank You , Bruce…This is the first real lead I’ve gotten in my search…I got off an e-mail to fincofab and await an answer…It’s truly amazing how much a new rub rail improves the appearance of a boat…Or how awful it looks with a broken, dilapidated one


    I don’t know if you still need this information. I had a Santana 27 for about 30 years. I also owned a boat repair business in Marina del Rey, CA. Whenever I needed rubber extrusions for boats I used Wefco Rubber Manufacturing Co. They used to be in Santa Monica CA, but now are located in Canoga Park, CA. They have 250 different types of rub rail.
    Address: 21000 Osborne St. Ste. 2
    Canoga Park, CA 91304
    Phone: 818-886-8872
    Email: wefcorubber.com
    Sorry I didn’t see your post a couple of years ago.

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