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    I recently bought a 1985 Pearson 27 Triton. The information on the predecessor of this boat is correct, it did come from the Doug Peterson, US Yachts 27, but only for 1984 and 1985. It’s called the Pearson 27 Triton, the T-27 or the Triton 27. The specs listed on sailboat data are correct except for ballast. The ballast, according to Pearson is 2024lbs, not 2924. The Bal/Disp is 32.38%. No other spec uses ballast in it’s calculation so “Bal” and “Bal/Disp” are the only incorrect specs.
    The ’84 and ’85 Pearson 27 Triton did not become the ’86 to ’91 Pearson 27. The Doug Peterson designed ’84 and ’85 boats have a spade rudder. The ’86 to ’91 Pearson 27 was designed by William Shaw and has a transom hung rudder, weighs in at 5800lbs and has a slightly narrower beam. Two completely different boats. Thank you Sailboat Data for being “the place” to go for sailboat data! I’ve spent way more hours on your site than I’d care to admit:)

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    Hello. Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about our ballast reporting error for the Pearson 27 Triton. We’ve updated the record to the correct weight of 2024 lbs. We also updated the years in production to show the correct 1984-1985.

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