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    gregg jolicoeur

    I have a recently purchased a mint Grampain 26.
    I have found a plate riveted to the entrance to the companionway with 181.
    Does this number correspond with overall production of 980 26s or for a particular year.
    I am trying to narrow down the year of this barn find that has no paperwork.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Hello. It’s a little hard to tell from your description. From what we can find, hull #181 was built around 1970. Any chance you have the HIN (hull ID number)?
    Have you been to the Grampian Owners Site? Perhaps you can find someone to help there? http://www.grampianowners.com

    Kevin M.A. Power

    I have a Grampian G23, The hull number is 23119. The first 2 digits refer to the boat model. The next are the build number.
    Hope this helps.

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