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    Gene Crouch

    I recently was given a 20 foot RK industries Ensenada 20. Its a mess but dry. I am trying to get information on the mast support set up. It looks as though there was a support from the keel cover up to the top of the cabin through a fold up table. Has anyone out there worked on one of these.

    I would appreciate your help and apologize for my lack of marine language

    Gene Crouch

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    IMG 1724PaulK

    The drawings available on this site don’t show much about that. You might try looking for pictures of the setup on listings of other Ensenada 20’s for sale. The one I found definitely had what looked like a Compression Post going from the top of the centerboard case and keelson to the underside of the cabin top below the mast step. The design may vary on different boats, but the idea of supporting the base of the mast is there.

    Gene Crouch

    Thanks for your help on this .


    Hey there. Check out my website:


    This pic should help.

    Yes, the Ensenada has a mast support that runs from the keel trunk to the underside of the cabin top. It’s important that something be there – the cabin top cannot support the mast without it.

    You’ll find some more information on my site, and a lot on the Serendipity site, linked from mine.

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