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    For example search for all boats under 2′ draft = 3,400 results

    It doesn’t matter if you vary other parameters

    At first I thought it was because boats with both centerboard and fixed keels skewed results but that is not the issue. That said it would be great if there were fields for multiple keels so you can easily search for shallow draft boats that so many of us need.

    Thanks – I love the site!

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    Hi seahorse7, We are glad you like the site. We took a look. We went to refine search and entered Monohull, Variable keel, draft under 2′ and got 1,362 results. We then entered LOA 30′ – 35′ and the results narrowed to 46.

    Everything seems to be working on our end. Maybe there was a one-time glitch? Are you still having trouble?

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