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    Open about a half hour yesterday trying to add a reply to a thread about a Luger dinghy. The thread says that there are three replies, and that I made the last one, but it only shows two replies. My reply isn’t there, and when I tried to re-post it, the system suggested that I had already posted it. Is it in some kind of holding queue?

    Also, in this forum on Site Feedback why is a Topic Tag required? There do not seem to be any appropriate topic tags, since the topic relates more to programming and not different boats, designers or builders that are the choices in the topic tags.

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    Not sure why this particular post went into Pending. I’ve posted your most recent attempt.

    Allowing a post without a topic tag is on our list. Not only in Site Feedback but in general. Hopefully it will happen soon as requiring one makes the forum clunky.


    Hi Paul,
    Good news… Topic tags are no longer required. This should make everyone’s life a little easier.

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