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    I hope this is the right place for such feedback.

    I believe the sketches on this page are incorrect…


    Those are for the predecessor model the Voyage 12.50

    It’s kind of important, because this is the time that Jeannneau was sold to Groupe Beneteau and their designs and builds changed.

    The Odessey 42.2, for example, has a free hanging spade rudder and the Voyage 12.50 has a small skeg with a significantly more robustly mounted ruddder.

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    Hello Oliver, Thanks for letting us know about the SO 42.2. We’ve taken a look and agree that the 42.2 has a spade rudder without a partial keg. We have not been able to locate a drawing that includes the keel and rudder but we saw some photos and have removed the drawing we had on the 42.2 record, which we now believe is the drawing for a Sun Odyssey 42 (1990-1992).


    Fab. That’s definitely more accurate.

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