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    I have just replaced the sails on my Sundeer 60. The main is 70m² and the headsail is 40m². Both are fractionally smaller than the original sails from TPI/Dashew, about 3 or 4 m² for the main and about 5 or 6 m² for the headsail as I have a little less roach than the original main and a little shorter foot and higher clew than the original headsail. The sails I replaced were not the originals but I have an original sailplane on board.

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    And to be clear: the Sundeer 56 rig is exactly the same as the 60, as is everything except a 0.9 mlengthening of the hull at the aft end in the 60.


    Thanks for reaching out. We have the same rig dimensions posted for both models. We can only post one set of specs so we try as best as we can to report the builders information. But we also know individual owners can change things to their unique situation. That’s why we added the Calculator. That’s where you can go to see how your changes will effect the performance ratios for your boat.
    We didn’t have the reported sail area, only the rig dimensions. If you have the original reported sail area, please share that so we can update our record.
    Thanks again.


    The original boats had sails made by the owners preferred sailmakers, so they were all different. The Dashew specified main was 74m² and the job was 45m². I will try and dig out the original rug dimensions, though they made the mast in three sizes, and had various foreteiangle arrangements. The boats were more a semi-custom than a full production boat, so there are small differences between all of them.


    Thanks. We’ve added the reported sail area, based on 74m² main and 45m² jib, to the records of the 56 and 60.
    We would be happy to add a “thank you for you help” in the notes section of the records if you don’t mind.

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